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Xiamen Yuan plastics co main: enhanced level, filling modification processing, plastics, flame retardant, injection materials, PA66 nylon, polyamide nylon, long glass fiber, modified polyamide engineering plastics, the company since its inception--today after 13 years, modified engineering plastics technology and equipment constantly updated, get product breakthroughs and innovation! Get the recognition and affirmation of our customers at home and abroad. --Companies in the industry have been kept at the forefront of technology and production, we're still not going to stop in its tracks, laying a firm foundation for our future goal. Company based on the strength and technique, employing principles: emphasis on selection, potential, and moral character. Major school enrollment in the country for a long time, every Member of the staff team is picked out from the dozens of or even hundreds of people, law-abiding; positive; dedication; solidarity; innovation of morality and philosophy. Company all engineering plastics adopted and strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification for production control. In order to ensure excellent product quality and a high level of research and development, with more testing organization will establish long-term relations of cooperation, discussion and learning from each other and are equipped with sophisticated detection equipment, including computer colorimeter, standard light source box, heat distortion meter, beam impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, ash tester. Materials are produced by SGS,UL, ROHS environmental certification can be achieved.

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With the composite structure forg...[2016-08-18]

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